What is JarHead

  • JarHead is Economical to use.

    JarHead allows you to get the most  out of a minimal amount of marijuana.  Smoking is the most common method of using marijuana but happens to be the least  efficient way to  consume it.  The bulk of the active ingredient  (THC)  goes up in smoke as the joint or pipe is burning. With JarHead the vapors are collected in the jar and can not escape, allowing the user to  take advantage of the full value of their marijuana.

  • Using JarHead is better for you than smoking ....

    As marijuana is being used more and more for medicinal and recreational purposes users are seeking the best methods to consume marijuana. Smoking is the most common way. That way is affective but not the healthiest way to go. Though marijuana is not like cigarettes or pipe tobacco during combustion (smoking it) there are still levels of tar released.  When marijuana is heated to approx. 325F the active component (THC) is released as a vapor without releasing any tar. For this reason vaporization has been viewed as a healthier way of consuming marijuana.

  • Why have a JarHead?

    Owning a JarHead adds a personal and a more social dimension to the way you enjoy marijuana. You the user has control over the whole process. JarHead adds an eclectic touch to gatherings of educated marijuana users. Will it ever take the place of your standard "joint". Absolutely not.  But it's guaranteed to provide a pleasant experience when it is used. 

Using JarHead

JarVapor LLC
  • Getting Started

    Basically prepare your herbal substance by processing it in a grinder. Then carefully unscrew the jar from its base unit.  Pull it straight up and over the heating stack (careful to not hit the Heating Stack). Next, remove the top cap from the heater stack. You may need to hold the stack with one hand and remove the cap with the other.  The top cap has two screens in it. An inner screen that keeps the herbal substance from coming out of the top cap hole and the outer screen that holds the herbal substance in the top cap. Also an outer screen to hold the marijuana in the cap. Place the herbal substance in the top cap (on top of the inner screen). For one person use you should use the amount of herb that would fit on top of a penny. Then take the outer screen and put it in the cap on top of the marijuana. Push the screen in the cap with your thumb, but do not compress the marijuana. That will prevent the vapors from being released efficiently. The outer screen should fit inside the top cap to allow it to fit back on the heater stack. When you put the top cap back on top of the heat stack. DO NOT PUSH IT ON TOO HARD!! It merely has to be placed snugly on the heater stack. If you push it on too much the top cap may be hard to remove once you are done using the unit. Once the top cap is in-place screw the jar back on to the base assembly (caring not to hit the Heater Stack) and make sure the JarHead is on a flat level surface. Now turn on the unit with the inline AC switch. The Screen will show the JarVapor Welcome message. 

JarHead Session

  • Controlling your JarHead

    To get started just press the Green button (for about 1 second) and the JarHead will display its version screen. Then press the Green button again and it will go into Active mode, beep three times, and start the vaporization session.

    While in the Active Mode you can vary the temperature reference and the duration of the vapor session. By default the JarHead is set to temperature reference 280 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the Green button to set it to 280 Fahrenheit. The unit will beep a couple of times when it reaches that temperature. Vapor can be extracted at that point.  As vapor is extracted the Heater Stack temperature will rise to about 340 degrees Fahrenheit. When it starts to go down adjust the temperature (by pressing the Green button) to 325 degrees Fahrenheit (or to whatever temperature you like) for the rest of the session. Pressing the Green button will cycle through the heat level settings that range from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 degree increments. 

    The duration of your JarHead vaporization session can be controlled by cycling through the duration settings with the Yellow button (hold it down to display the duration of your choice). By default the duration setting is 5 minutes. The time settings should be varied depending on the amount a marijuana you are enjoying and the number of those enjoying it. Five minutes is good for individual sessions. The available range is from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. The elapsed time is reset to 0 minutes each time you pick a new duration setting. 

    Once the JarHead is setup the way you want it will start to heat and beep a few times when it reaches the set temperature. You can then start to enjoy the vapor though the extraction hose. It will maintain that temperature for the chosen session duration. Once the session duration is reached the unit will beep and automatically go into shutdown mode. The heater stack will be shut off at that time. Also the unit will beep continually until you press the Yellow button, acknowledging the unit is in Shutdown Mode.  The LCD screen will flash a warning signifying that the JarHead is not ready for reuse and alternately show the current stack temperature. When the heater stack element reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit it will be safe to reload the JarHead for another vaporization session. 

    If you decide to stop the  session pressing the RED button will force the unit into shutdown mode. DO NOT remove the jar from the base unit until the unit beeps and displays the Welcome Screen again!!