Gold, black, and blue jarheads


JarHead Design

By jarhead | July 12, 2023

The JarHead Design The design of the JarHead is simple. Halogen bulb technology is employed and controlled though a software algorithm to create a user defined flower vaporization experience. This includes cannabis and hemp flower. The JarHead comes in three body styles Retro, Pyramid and Box.  The Pyramid and Box bodies are similar because they…

Jar vapor Extraction Methods

By jarhead | October 5, 2021

JarHead vaporization units come configured for base unit extraction or ported jar extraction. JarHead Base Extraction JarHead Base vapor extraction is facilitated through a hose connection from the rear of the unit. This configuration is used primarily on small jar units and is best for single person consumption or shared hookah (with separate mouth pieces)…

JarHead Manual

By jarhead | December 2, 2020

The JarHead is a device designed to vaporize herbal substances like cannabis flower. JarHead (JH) allows you to get the most out of a minimal amount of cannabis flower. Smoking is the most common method of using cannabis but happens to be the least efficient way to consume it. The bulk of the active ingredients…

Mark Hatten’s Bio

By jarhead | November 14, 2020

Mark Hatten was born in Newark NJ and brought up in Montclair NJ where he currently resides. Mark’s educational background includes, a Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) from Montclair State University. A Bachelors Degree in Applied Science and Technology (BSAST) from Thomas Edison State College. An Electrical Engineering Technician Certification – with honors…

What size Jar should work for you?

By jarhead | November 7, 2020

Small Jar vs. Medium Jar vs. Big Jar Units Well the Small JarHead systems (quart jar) are for one person or can be used by two people sharing a hose, but using separate tips. This version is more for shorter, lower capacity vaporization sessions. The small cap is the only cap size recommended for this…

Small Jar white out…..

By jarhead | November 2, 2020

Here is a quick video of the JarHead in action vaporizing Hemp Flower.

How to load Cannabis flower into a small cap

By jarhead | November 2, 2020

Using the Jarhead(JH) to vaporize your Cannabis flower will allow it to go a long way. While smoking flower a good portion of the product is actually burnt away. However, using the JH captures all the vapor in the jar so you do not loose anything. Also you do not need to use as much…

Check out Disco Ball JarHead prototype video

By jarhead | November 2, 2020

Here at JarVapor we are always looking at new ways to enhance the Jarhead design and make it interesting to use. Here is a short video of the Disco prototype JarHead with multi-color lights. This JH concept design would go well at social gatherings as the colored lights would draw people in to see “what…

What happens to Cannabis flower when it is vaporized?

By jarhead | October 30, 2020

When cannabis is heated within a temperature range of approximately 260F to 350F cannabinoids and terpenes are released as vapor. This is not “smoke” but vapor similar to steam (but much cooler).  This vapor can be ingested (like smoke) so the benefits of the combination of active ingredients (cannabinoids) and flavor(s) (terpenes) can be enjoyed…

Remembering 420 2019 with JarVapor, Industrial Hemp Farms @CannapopUp 420

By jarhead | October 16, 2020

During an online 420 celebration Mark from JarVapor was interviewed and demonstrated JarHead vaporization of Hemp flower from Premium Hemp product distributor Industrial Hemp Farms. This event was produced and hosted by Robert and Holli from CannaPopUp.