JarVapor News

JarVapor is happy to announce its affiliate status with leading Hemp producer and product distributor Industrial Hemp Farms IHF. IHF LLC is a Colorado-based, fully licensed & certified hemp farming and wholesale company. IHF wholesales CBD hemp biomass and many different cultivars of clones and seeds. The Company also wholesales CBD distillate, T-Free, Decarboxylated Crude, Isolate and other cannabinoids produced at our extraction facility. One of our primary goals is to make mutually beneficial deals, connections and contacts in the hemp industry.

Licenses and Certifications

  •  Compliant and Licensed
  • 1,000+ Acres Across 5 States
  • Warehouse and Extraction Facility located in Colorado Springs, CO

Click the button below to look at their website and the many wonderful CBD based products they offer.