JarHead Manual

The JarHead is a device designed to vaporize herbal substances like cannabis flower. JarHead (JH) allows you to get the most out of a minimal amount of cannabis flower. Smoking is the most common method of using cannabis but happens to be the least efficient way to consume it. The bulk of the active ingredients (cannabinoids and terpenes) goes up in smoke as the joint or pipe is burning. With JarHead the vapors are collected in the jar and cannot escape, allowing the user to take advantage of the full value of their cannabis flower.         

Using the JarHead is better for you than smoking!

Cannabis is being used more and more for medicinal and recreational purposes and cannabis savvy consumers are seeking the best methods to consume their cannabis. Smoking is the most common way. That way is affective but not the healthiest way to go. Though cannabis flower is not like cigarettes or pipe tobacco, during combustion (smoking it) there are still levels of tar released. To vaporize cannabis flower it is heated within the range of 315 to approx. 325F.  At that point cannabinoids and terpenes are released as a vapor without releasing any tar. (See the full recommended vaporization temperature range in the Appendix)   For this reason vaporization has been viewed as a healthier way of consuming cannabis flower/marijuana.                     

Why have a JarHead?

Owning a JarHead adds a personal and a more social dimension to the way you enjoy cannabis/marijuana. You the user has control over the whole process. JarHead adds an eclectic touch to gatherings of educated cannabis consumers. Will it ever take the place of smoking joint”? Absolutely not, but it’s guaranteed to provide a pleasant experience when it is used.

Getting Ready

Basically prepare your herbal substance by processing it in a grinder. Then carefully unscrew the jar from its base unit. Pull it straight up and over the heating stack    (being careful to not hit the Heating Stack).         

Next, remove the top cap from the heater stack. You may need to hold the stack with one hand and remove the cap with the other. The top cap has two screens in it. An inner screen that keeps the herbal substance from coming out of the top cap hole and the outer screen that holds the herbal substance in the top cap. Place the herbal substance in the top cap (on top of the inner screen). For one person use you should use the amount of herb that would fit on top of a penny. Then take the outer screen and put it in the cap on top of the flower. Push the screen in the cap with your thumb, but do not compress the flower. That will prevent the vapors from being released efficiently. The outer screen should fit inside the top cap to allow it to fit back on the heater stack. DO NOT push it on TOO hard!! It merely has to be placed snugly on the heater stack. If you push it on too much the top cap may be hard to remove once you are done using the JH. Once the top cap is in-place screw the jar back on to the base assembly (caring again not to hit the Heater Stack).Make sure the JarHead is on a flat level surface and turn on the unit with the inline AC switch. The Screen will show the JarVapor Welcome message.

Using your JarHead

To get started just press the Green button (for about 1 second) and the JarHead will display its version screen. Then press the Green button again and it will go into Active mode, beep three times, and start the vaporization session.

While in the Active Mode you can vary the temperature reference and the duration of the vapor session. By default the JarHead is set to temperature reference 290 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the low temperature setting and will need to be adjusted in order to vaporize the cannabis flower.  The unit will beep a couple of times when it reaches the temperature you set. Vapor can be extracted at that point. As vapor is extracted the Heater Stack temperature will rise to about 30 – 40 degrees higher than the set temperature. So if you set the temperature to 290F when you start to extract it will rise to about 320F.  When the temperature starts to go down adjust the temperature to what you want it to be (by pressing and holding the Green button). The temperature will stay within +/- 5 degrees of your setting. Pressing the Green button will cycle through the heat level settings that range from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 degree increments. Also press and holding the GREEN and Yellow buttons will cycle the temperature in reverse.

The duration of your JarHead vaporization session can be controlled by cycling through the duration settings with the Yellow button (hold it down to select the duration of your choice). By default the duration setting is 5 minutes. The time settings should be varied depending on the amount of flower you used and the number of people in the session. Five – seven minutes is good for individual sessions. The available range is from 2 minutes to 20 minutes. The elapsed time is reset to 0 minutes each time you pick a new duration setting.

Once the session duration is reached the unit will beep and automatically go into shutdown mode. The heater stack will be shut off at that time. Also the unit will beep continually until you press the Yellow button, acknowledging that the unit is in Shutdown Mode and “SHOULD NOT BE OPENED”. The LCD screen will flash a warning signifying that the JarHead is not ready for reuse and will alternately show the current stack temperature. When the heater stack element reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit it will be safe to reload the JarHead for another vaporization session.

If you decide to stop the session early pressing the RED button will force the unit into shutdown mode. DO NOT remove the jar from the base unit until the unit beeps and displays the Welcome Screen again!!

Your Vaporization Session    


The Welcome screen comes up when you power on the JarHead.

To get your vaporization session started press the Green Button. The software version screen will be displayed.

Press the Green Button again to activate JarHead vaporization

From the Active Mode you can set the target temperature and also the duration. Use the Green button to cycle through the temperature settings from 150F – 500F.

The duration of the session can be changed by pressing the Yellow button. The available duration settings are from 2 minutes to 19 minutes. This setting is dynamic in that if you go from 2 minutes to 19 minutes

You can stop the session anytime by press and holding the Red button. Otherwise when the set duration is reached the system will go into Shutdown mode.

The screen will display a message with a flashing temperature warning. Also the unit will beep until you press the Yellow button to stop the beeping. You must wait until the “Welcome Screen” is displayed again before using the JarHead again. It will also beep when it is ready. !!You risk getting burned if you do not wait and try to reload the cap prematurely.

JarHead Temperature Setting

To obtain a target temperature setting set the initial temperature to about 25 degrees less than the number you want. When the Jarhead reaches that temperature because the heat will still be traveling up the heater stack it will exceed the set temperature. You can help this along by starting to extract vapor through an extraction hose. At the same time you can press the GREEN button to reset the temperature up to the desired temperature.


  • To vaporize marijuana @ 325 degrees set the initial temperature to 280 degrees. 
  • Once that temperature is reached and the unit beeps start to extract vapor and use the GREEN button reset the temperature to 325 degrees.

JarHead Maintenance   

It is a good idea to wash the jar about every three uses. This is done either with an abrasive sponge and hot soap and water. A good idea is to use green disposable scrubby pads.  The dish washer is also a good option if you have the room.

The hose part of the Hooka hoses that come with the Jarhead are machine wash-able. The mouth pieces can be washed with warm soap and water periodically.   Also it is good to us a little petroleum jelly around the outer rim of the jar’s threads. This will make the jam easy to screw off the base in between session.

It also a good idea to use a little rubbing alcohol on a small soft disposable clothe to clean the inside of the jar bottom caring to not touch the cabling too much.                        

Business Confidentiality Statement

Please use the email address [email protected] to contact us initially. Also all correspondence with JarHead customers and their contact information will be kept at the highest level of confidentiality.

JarHead Unit and Consumer use Disclaimer

JarHead is a simple, but effective Herbal Vaporization device that is meant to be used following the simple instructions provided with the unit to the purchaser of the unit at the time of purchase.

By purchasing a JarHead unit from JarVapor LLC the purchaser agrees to be totally responsible for any harm he or she may incur from not following the detailed usage instructions provided with the unit, using the unit in a manor unrelated to its defined purpose, using their JarHead to vaporize harmful substances, using their JarHead to vaporize substances deemed illegal by Local, State and or Federal governments, and by not using the said unit for its clearly defined purpose. Any and all purchasers of a JarHead unit from JarVapor LLC automatically and without exception agree to totally indemnify JarVapor LLC of any issues related to their use and or misuse of their JarHead unit.




Recommended Vaporization Temperature settings

Set temperature of 315°F

Most efficient for vaporizing THC (along with CBD-ATHC-A, and CBG)

Set temperature of 350°F

Most efficient for vaporizing THC and all the flavoring compounds in cannabis for a better flavor experience. This is also the best temperature range for calming anxiety and improving mood.

Set temperature of 356°F

Most efficient for vaporizing CBD along with the THC. This is a good range for preventing any paranoia or anxiety associated with THC, and have an energetic experience.

Set temperature of 392°F 

At this temperature, you miss out on a lot of the flavor compounds, but you get a greater physical affect and deeper physical relaxation.

Set temperature of 430°F

This is the best temperature for the greatest physical and medicinal effect from cannabis, ensuring that you vaporize all the chemical compounds while destroying as few of them as possible                                                            

Here is another link to the different temperatures for Cannabis flower vaporizing.                                                                                                https://vaping360.com/learn/optimal-temperature-to-vape-weed/                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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