Jar vapor Extraction Methods

JarHead vaporization units come configured for base unit extraction or ported jar extraction.

JarHead Base Extraction

JarHead Base vapor extraction is facilitated through a hose connection from the rear of the unit. This configuration is used primarily on small jar units and is best for single person consumption or shared hookah (with separate mouth pieces) use. This method can and is used on all JarHead sizes.

How to attach the Hookah hose to a Base extraction JarHead unit

Step #1 Position the mating housing and the silicon boot on the extraction connection on the back of the JarHead.

Step#2 The Hookah attachment end conveniently fits over the extraction hose.

Step #3 Slide the silicon boot down and over the hose connection.

Step #4 Now you can slide the mating housing down and over the silicon boot.

Ported Jar Extraction

The ported jar extraction method uses holes cut into the jar it self and works best on the larger jar configurations (half and gallon)  allowing for multi user setups using hookah couplers.

The design of the hookah couplers allows for isolated and safe vapor extraction for each user.

A jar with three ports can support six users enjoying cannabis in a distanced and safe consumption method.