What size Jar should work for you?

Small Jar vs. Medium Jar vs. Big Jar Units

Well the Small JarHead systems (quart jar) are for one person or can be used by two people sharing a hose, but using separate tips. This version is more for shorter, lower capacity vaporization sessions. The small cap is the only cap size recommended for this Jar size.  This is a good size for more personal use than multi person.

A Medium size jar unit (half gallon jar) fits right in the middle between the usage profiles of the Small and Large jar. More than enough for one person, and works well with two or more.

All versions share the same control feature profile.

The Large jar version(gallon jar) on the other hand supports a greater vapor volume, which is more suited for socially distant, multi-person use. Multi-porting the jar allows for multiple dual Hookah couplers to be used. When three or more participants are involved the large cap should be used. A large cap will hold 3/4s of a gram depending on the strain.