JarHead Design

The JarHead Design

The design of the JarHead is simple. Halogen bulb technology is employed and controlled though a software algorithm to create a user defined flower vaporization experience. This includes cannabis and hemp flower.

The JarHead comes in three body styles Retro, Pyramid and Box.  The Pyramid and Box bodies are similar because they involve 3D printing, which typically takes 9+ hours to print per unit. Both styles have a wood deck(top) and or base(bottom) to complete the housing design. The Retro design is fabricated out of wood and painted. All styles use a proprietary electronic circuit design with a three-button user interface for easy use. The system is viewed through a multi-line LCD display.

JarHead units come in three Jar sizes allowing for single and multi-user configurations. Units come with Hookah piping for vapor extraction, which when coupled with individual user tips provide a social experience with an added layer of safety.

JarHead’s heating stack is made from copper. Many from the early school   of vaping would take issue with the use of copper. Copper, as an element exhibits hazardous fumes while burned or burning.  However, the operating temperature range of the JarHead (150F- 450F) is significantly less than the required flame-based heating temperature of +2000F to burn copper and create fumes. For this reason, the JarHead is safe to use and does not pose any health concerns when used correctly.

Using the JarHead is healthier than smoking and allows the user to maximize their cannabis flower investment. The JarHead lets a person enjoy their flower more while using less of it. This means a JarHead will pay for itself in a short time.