The Benefits of owning and using a JarHead

Healthier consumption of your cannabis flower.

It has been stated a number of times during online Cannabis forums that vaporization is less intrusive to the lungs. Smoking flower will always be the go-to method for consumption but adding vaporization to the mix is a good thing.

Very little residual odor from its use.

Unlike using a cannabis cigarette, fifteen minutes after your done using the JarHead most of the cannabis scent has dissipated. This is good if you live in apartments and multi dwelling arrangements.

Vaporization allows a person to use less flower.

Depending on individual consumption habits, it would be fair to estimate that a person’s flower consumption would go down using the JarHead (Exp. from 1 ounce a month to ¾ ounce).  So over about 3 – 4 months’ time the JarHead pays for itself and you get to enjoy more of your flower over a longer period of time.